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Our Kodo millet dosa mix contains 70% of foxtail millet and the remaining flours of urad dal, bengal gram and fengugreek seeds.


  • 100% no preservatives, no acidity regulators, no artficial colors & flavors
  • Made from 6-8 hours pre-soaked kod millet and thus reduces your overall cooking time. You may make batter, rest it overnight for fermentation to happen and use it the next day or you may just make batter, rest it for one hour and prepare your dosas.


Kodo Millet Health Benefits


In general, the five positive millets, with their rich fiber content, are attributed to health benefits like reducing the risk of diabetes and also incidence of obesity. They also have anti-cancer and anti-hypertensive properties. Regular consumption of millets reduces the risk of Coronary Heart Disease. Millets are also beneficial in treating stomach ulcers and gallstones.


Kodo millet Ranks No. 3  (with 9 gms) and only next to browntop millet (12.5 gms) and barnyard millet (9.8 gms) in terms of fiber content. It is also good source of calcium (27 mgs) and protein content (8 gms).


Specifically, consumption of kodo millet is said to help in blood purification, immunity boosting, and offering good sleep. It also said to help in curing Anemia, Constipation & Diabetes.


To get maximum benefits out of millets, it is advised that they needs to consumed in a cyclical fashion, preferably consuming each millet for 2 days. Do not over-consume any millet to get faster results.


Note: The mentioned compostion is per 100 gms of the millet grains.

Kodo Millet Dosa Mix - 280 g, 15-18 medium size dosas

  • Our millet based products are pre-washed, soaked in water for 6-8 hours, solar dried and then ground.


    The process of pre-soaking tenderises the fiber content and helps in better digestion and faster cooking, thus avoids the need for further soaking for long hours at your end.


The health benefits presented anywhere in this website is to help the reader to make right food choices and stay healthy and in any case does not intend to substitute the advice of a medical practitioner when consuming the product for healing any specific disease condition. Earth2pot Foods cannot be held responsible for any inconvenience caused to you by consuming any foods mentioned in this website. Kindly consult your nutritionist/doctor before consuming if you are undergoing treatment for any disease condition.

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