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Independent Scientist, Food & Health

Dr. Khader Vali

Dr. Khadar Valli, is a native of Proddutur town, Kadapa district, Andhra Pradesh. He has been working persistently in reviving Siridhanya, also known as positive millets for nearly 20 years. He worked hard to bring back five different types of millets that were fast disappearing. In the process of consuming each of these millets, he discovered that the healing properties present in them could cure even deadly diseases. Hence, he named these five millets Siridhanya.

He has been treating his patients for their diseases by recommending the consumption of Siridhanya, different plant/tree leaf decoctions, and homeopathic medicine in dire cases. He is of the firm opinion that paddy rice, wheat, milk, nonvegetarian food, untimely eating habits, genetically modified crops, chemical fertilizers, synthetic pesticides, and herbicides are instrumental in polluting the environment and food, thereby leading to the quick spread of lethal diseases. He claims that the consumption of Siridhanya can facilitate the prevention and cure of diabetes, hypertension, obesity, constipation, piles, gangrene, triglycerides, PCOD, low sperm count, skin diseases, kidney, and thyroid-related disorders.

He is adored by the people of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana alike, and pulls big crowds to his food/health talks in these places.

He connects all the dots by educating people about health, educating farmers about cultivation and preventive methods in farming. He is also contributing to the preservation of water and nature.

Source: Manavata

At EARTH2POT, we intend to familiarize and popularize the consumption of foods, such as millets and its value added products, that are naturally nutritious to lead a healthy life.

We take this opportunity to thank Dr. Khader Vali for his consistent efforts over the years in bringing awareness among farmers and consumers in growing and consumption of millets for a healthy living.

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