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Earth2pot's Cold Pressed White Sesame Oil is extracted using traditional wooden mill (Chekka Ganuga/Kachi Ghani/Mara Chekku) method without heating or anychemical process retaining all the nutrients, flavor and aroma.


We fill fresh oil in a food grade plastic bottle just before shipping. On receipt of your product, transfer the contents to a steel container or glass bottle/jar to preserve its freshness, aroma and taste

Cold Pressed White Sesame Oil - 1 Ltr

  • Approximate values per 100 g

    Energy (kcal) 887.0
    Total Fat (g)  95.5
          Saturated Fat (g)   14.2
           Trans Fat (g) 0.001
    Polyunsaturated Fat (g)              41.7
    Monounsaturated Fat (g)   39.6
    Cholesterol (g)        0
    Total Carbohydrates (g)        0
    Protein (g)        0


The health benefits presented anywhere in this website is to help the reader to make right food choices and stay healthy and in any case does not intend to substitute the advice of a medical practitioner when consuming the product for healing any specific disease condition. Earth2pot Foods cannot be held responsible for any inconvenience caused to you by consuming any foods mentioned in this website. Kindly consult your nutritionist/doctor before consuming if you are undergoing treatment for any disease condition.

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